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Original $19.99, now $0.00! 6+ measurements required for a perfect fit!
Please carefully follow our How to Measure guide when taking measurements.

Mid-Shoulder to Bust Point:
Back Shoulder Width:
Shoe Height:
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Original $39.99, now $0.00! 10+ measurements required for a perfect fit!

How many weeks pregnant will you be when you wear the dress? 
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Sizes Available: 2-26W, Made to Measure
Processing Time: View Our Time Range.
Built-in Bras: Yes    Fish Bones: Yes

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Learn More About How We Started
Dress Comparison Between Between KF Bridal Dress & a Designer Dress
Quality Check at KF Bridal
Return and Exchange Policy
Sizing of KF Bridal Dresses
Variety of Colors at KF Bridal

Pictures often distort the colors, so it is recommended that you order our color swatches to view the colors in person. When you are ready to order the dresses, please also purchase them in one order to avoid dye lot variations.

Different bridal companies usually run different sizes, so please make sure you compare your body measurements with our size chart before choosing the size. If you don’t find a perfect standard size, you can have your dress made to measure too.

Refer to our real weddings for ideas/inspirations on what dresses suit your girls.

*It is advised that all dresses from the same bridal party are purchased in one order to avoid color variations. If you are purchasing dresses separately, please make sure that each order number is emailed to us IMMEDIATELY after a bridesmaid completes her order. This way all your orders will be ON HOLD until the last girl places her order. Please also try to complete all orders within 1 week and REMEMBER to notify us when all orders are placed so that the production can be started.

We recommend you to have your dress custom sized. By requesting 6+ detailed measurements,we guarantee you a perfect fit!
Please carefully follow our “How To Measure” guide, and find a friend or family help you take the measurements. Just measure everything 2-3 times to be certain.
Ideally, you should take off everything except your underwear to get an accurate measurement.
No need to find a seamstress, because our measuring guide is very easy to follow. Plus, seamstresses usually take the measurements without referring to our guide, which might result in a poor fit.
Measurements requested:
  • Back Shoulder Width
    This is the distance from the edge of the left shoulder across to the prominent neck bone located at the center of the back of the neck continuing to the edge of the right shoulder.

    How to Measure

    Place the tape on "top" of the shoulders. Measure from the edge of the left shoulder across to the prominent neck bone located at the center of the back of the neck continuing to the edge of the right shoulder.
  • Bust
    This is a measurement of the fullest part of your bust or body circumference at the bust. It is a body measurement which measures the circumference of a woman's torso at the level of the breasts.

    How to Measure

    Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bust and center the tape on your back so it's levelled all the way around.


    This isn't your bra size!
    Your arms should be relaxed, and down at your sides.
    Wear the bra you're planning to wear with your dress when taking this.
  • Under Bust
    This is a measurement of the circumference of your ribcage just below where your breasts end.

    How to Measure

    Wrap the tape around your ribcage right below your bust. Make sure the tape is levelled all the way around.


    When taking this measurement, your arms should be relaxed and down at your sides.
  • Mid-Shoulder to Bust Point
    This is the measurement from your mid-shoulder where your bra strap naturally sit down to your bust point (nipple). Please wear your bras when taking this measurement.

    How to Measure

    With shoulders and arms relaxed, measure from mid-shoulder point down to the nipple. Please wear your bras when taking this measurement.


    Measure with shoulder and neck relaxed.
    Please wear your bras when taking this measurement.
  • Waist
    This is a measurement of your natural waistline, or the smallest part of your waist.

    How to Measure

    Run tape around natural waistline, keeping tape parallel with floor. Bend to one side to find natural indentation in torso. This is your natural waist.
  • Hips
    This is a measurement around fullest part of your buttocks.

    How to Measure

    Wrap tape around the fullest part of your hips, which is usually 7-9" below your natural waistline. Keep tape parallel with floor all the way around.
  • Hollow to Hem
    This is the distance from your hollow to the hem of the dress.

    How to Measure

    Hold the measuring tape at your hollow while a friend pulls it down to the length you want your dress.


    When taking this measurement, stand straight with your feet together.
    We define knee length as the area just below your knee caps. Measuring too high may result in a dress that is too short.
    If this is a floor length dress please make sure you measure without wearing shoes.
  • Shoe Height
    This is the hight of the shoes you are going to wear with this dress.
  • Arm Circumference
    This is a measurement around the fullest part of your upper arm.

    How to Measure


    Measure with the muscle relaxed.
  • Armscye
    This is the measurement of your armhole.

    How to Measure

    In order to take your armscye measurement, you must wrap the measuring tape over the top of your shoulder and around under your armpit.
  • Sleeve Length
    This is the measurement from your shoulder seam to where you would like your sleeve to end.

    How to Measure

    Measure from your shoulder seam to desired sleeve length with your arm relaxed by your side to get the best possible measurement.


    Measure with your arm slightly bent.
  • Wrist
    This is a measurement around the fullest part of your wrist.

    How to Measure

  • Train Length
    This is the measurement for the section of the dress that extends behind the dress.

    How to Measure

    Stand straight and measure from your heels to where you want the train to end.

Bridal sizes typically run smaller than regular clothes. For example, if you usually wear a 4 for your regular clothes, it does not necessarily mean that you are also a 4 with us. Please do compare your measurements with our size chart before deciding your size. The measurements on the size chart are body measurements, not finished dress measurements. Please note that for each adult floor length dress, we add an extra 2″ to the dress length for shoe height. For each junior or child floor length dress, we add 1″.
Size 2/XXS 4/XS 6/S 8/M 10/L 12/XL 14 16
inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
Bust 32 ½ 83 33 ½ 85 34 ½ 88 35 ½ 90 36 ½ 93 38 97 39 ½ 100 41 104
Waist 25 ½ 65 26 ½ 67 27 ½ 70 28 ½ 72 29 ½ 75 31 79 32 ½ 83 34 86
Hips 35 ¾ 91 36 ¾ 93 37 ¾ 96 38 ¾ 98 39 ¾ 101 41 ¼ 105 42 ¾ 109 44 ¼ 112
Hollow to Floor 58 147 58 147 59 150 59 150 60 152 60 152 61 155 61 155
Plus Size 16W 18W 20W 22W 24W 26W
inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
Bust 43 109 45 114 47 119 49 124 51 130 53 135
Waist 36 ¼ 92 38 ½ 98 40 ¾ 104 43 109 45 ¼ 115 47 ½ 121
Hips 45 ½ 116 47 ½ 121 49 ½ 126 51 ½ 131 53 ½ 136 55 ½ 141
Hollow to Floor 61 155 61 155 61 155 61 155 61 155 61 155
SizeJ4 J6J8 J10J12 J14J16
Hollow to Floor42107451144812250127511305313555140
Size Child 2 Child 3 Child 4 Child 5 Child 6 Child 7 Child 8 Child 9 Child 10 Child 11 Child 12 Child 13 Child 14
Bust21532256235824612564266627692871297430 ½77328133843486
Hips2051215322562358256426662769297431793384348634 ½883589
Hollow to Floor33843589389740102411044210743109441124711948122501275113052132

We can make the dress in your exact length if you go with our Custom Sizing option.
Sorry, we currently only provide dresses on the site.
All the dresses we provide are completely hand tailored for you, including standard sizes. Normally, the turn around time of our bridesmaid dresses is approximately 45 days.
Yes, we are based in U.S., but we ship worldwide!
The estimate shipping cost for one dress being shipped to US is $5.00-$7.00, to Australia and Canada, $9.00-$11.00, to Europe and Asia, $10.00-$12.00. The exact shipping cost will be calculated during checkout.
There'll be big shipping discounts too if you order multiple dresses, so the more you order, the cheaper the shipping cost will be!
Sorry, we currently can only ship the dresses to one location.
Yes, we will send you the tracking number once your order leaves us, so that you can easily track your order online.
No! Bridal companies typically run smaller than regular clothes. So if you wear a 4 for your regular clothes, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are also a 4 with us. Please carefully compare your body measurements with our Size Chart before deciding your size with us!
Not at all! We have a very clear and easy-to-follow Measuring Guide, so you can just find a friend or family to help! Please do follow our Measuring Guide even you seek help from a professional seamstress.
If the dress is made with a high-low skirt, the "hollow to hem" measurement is from your hollow to where you want the shortest point of the dress to be. The shortest point is usually the middle point at the front of the dress.
Pictures often distort colors, so we recommend you to purchase color swatches to view colors in person!
We accept Credit card/debit card and PayPal.
Please simply email us your order information, including the dresses you plan to purchase, the colors, sizes/measurements, quantity and detailed shipping address. We will help place an order for you from our end, and then invoice you for the payment.
Simply log into your account with us and find your order in your "Order History. If you order status says "Order Confirmed" or "Processing", then it means we have confirmed your payment. If your order status says "Pending", then your payment didn't go through. You can mouse over the question mark near "Pending" for instructions on how to complete the payment again.
Log into your account with us, find your order in your "Order History", click the order id, you can then find the ETA of your order on the top "Order Details".

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